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One-on-one Consultation

You will receive a personal one-on-one telephone consultation to discuss your specific business, and how it can prosper overseas. If you wish, you can fill a conference room with people to listen! This is over a $200 value, and we include this valuable consulting free with your order. Buy your kit now!.


About Partners International

Partners International has spent decades marketing products and services in over 72 countries. We show firms how to sell and make profits all over the globe. After 30 years of helping companies find and develop markets overseas, we have amassed our knowledge to create the Market Access Toolkit. This toolkit makes it easy for any business person to understand, and prosper in, foreign markets. Learn how to pick a market, how to pick a way in (mode of entry) and how to prosper.

Our principals speak at conventions and trade shows around the world for thousands of dollars per hour. In our consulting practice we charge clients hundreds of dollars an hour. But you can have the highlights of this knowledge at your disposal. Not for $15,000, not even for $1500, but for only $99.99. Buy your kit now!.